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Why Garbutts?

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Mr Garbutt held over the district a golden wand, and hey presto a dirt lane was transformed. Hull born entrepreneur and founder of the Avenues, Garbutt was one of the most dynamic and intering figures in Hull during the Vitorian era.

Princess Bank Estate was opened in 1875, this area is now known as ‘the Avenues’, along with the new newly straightened and resurfaced Princess Bank Avenue now known as Princes Ave. Garbutt created an area with spacious tree lined promenades. It is hard to believe Princes Avenue was once home to a rustic dirt track called ‘Muckpeg Lane’.

In 1874, Garbutt bought 230 acres of open farm land to the west of the recently opened Pearson Park. Twelve months later the Avenues area was born, Parisian in style the boulevards, handsome circuses, elegant fountains, ornamental railings and avenues of trees all contributing to the continental flavour.

On Easter Monday 1975 the Hull & Lincolnshire Times reported the opening which had a district carnival atmosphere ‘the sun peeping forth warily… flags flying and a police band sounding forth lively music’.